So you think you’ve decided on a new Mazda car? Most likely you’ve done a ton of research before you’ve come to this decision. There’s still one step left before you’re ready to buy a new Mazda car from Flanagan Motors Mazda. In fact, some drivers never even complete this step; however, the staff here at your Montana Mazda dealership knows that it’s the most crucial step in the car buying process. That’s right, test driving your vehicle is the last step in determining whether a car fits your needs. To help you achieve this, our staff has made a test drive checklist of sorts.

Performance: This mostly deals with a car’s capability and handling. Do you like the way the vehicle feels when you drive it? Are you comfortable making turns in the vehicle? Are you confident in it? There is, of course, questions you can ask about the drivetrain, horsepower, and engine capability. At the end of the day though, the feeling is usually instinctual.

Design: Of course you should like the look of a vehicle if you’re going to buy it, but a lot of that stuff can be customized. Our staff is more concerned with whether or not the car is built for your kind of lifestyle. Are there enough seats for your family? Does the vehicle have a large enough trunk? Is there enough cargo space? Does the dashboard layout feel right? Mainly, we want to make sure that the vehicle suit your needs.

Tech: This is a newer category but is still super important. Some drivers don’t need wireless charging or backup cameras or Bluetooth, some drivers do. Make sure the car is outfitted with the technology you need.

Test drive new Mazda cars today at Flanagan Motors Mazda.