Here at Flanagan Motors Mazda, our staff is dedicated to helping you with all your car buying needs. Sometimes that means choosing to lease a vehicle instead of buying one. When you lease a new Mazda car, the lease includes term agreements stating when you must return the leased vehicle to the dealership. At our Missoula Mazda dealership, our excellent finance department can help you sort out the mileage allotment and return date of your lease. Most drivers forget though, that there are a few things you need to do before your lease ends.

We recommend taking another look at the terms of your lease a couple of months before the end date. At this point, you can check and see the exact date of return for your vehicle. If you have exceeded your mileage allotment, this is a good time to reach out to your dealer and talk about buying out your leased vehicle in order to avoid paying the fine for exceeding mileage. If you are way below your mileage allotment, this might be an opportunity to talk to your dealer about extending the length of your lease.

About a month before you return your vehicle to the dealership, take the time to schedule an inspection of your vehicle. This way you can get a list of all the wear and tear and major damages to your vehicle. If the damages are major, you may want to consider fixing them before you bring your vehicle in. If the damages are minor, it might be better to just pay the dealership the cost of the damages.

The day or so before you bring your vehicle in, be sure to remove any and all personal belongings from the interior. Also, we recommend that you get the vehicle detailed so you are not charged any additional fees.

Visit Flanagan Motors Mazda to learn more about what to do when your lease ends. We hope to see you soon!